The Wonderful Life a Process Server During Covid-19

One of our process servers in Toronto sent us this report on the challenges of serving documents during the new protocols we are all facing during Covid-19.

“You may already know some of these issues but I just wanted to give you an idea of how services are working in Toronto now as many services take up to 10x longer to complete. Thank you covid….

Most services at a high-rise building now follow 1 of 2 scenarios:

After finding the one and only accessible door to the building you meet security/concierge and may have to undergo a temperature check. You then are directed elsewhere (usually a security or receiving office in the basement at the other end of the complex) to sign in and obtain a contractor card as all elevators are on passcard access only. You then are able to attend the suite for service or at least find out if they are open. Often they are not but are accepting service at a mailroom or sub-office on another floor. This requires you to go all the way back to the sign-in location to get your card authorized for this new floor. Then finally you complete the service and have to again go back to the office to return the card (no cheating, you have to hand over your licence/ID to get a card). Then all the way back to the one door you can exit and off you go. While I tried to make this humourous I am not exaggerating, I have gone through this exact scenario many times.

Once finding access you meet security and are told no floors can be accessed. For all deliveries you must contact the company by phone and have someone come down to meet you. They of course rarely have or “are allowed” to provide these phone numbers. On the phone to google we go to try and track down a number and then pray you get a live person not a voicemail system. Time spent to actually reach someone and then wait for them to come down can be 15-30 minutes or more sometimes.

As for getting around between services that is also longer. Because most buildings have only one entry/exit point I can no longer cut through buildings to get around to other service locations quicker and easier. Even traffic is much more blocked due to the added restaurant expansions and temporary bike and pedestrian areas.

It is what it is and we all have to deal with such things. Just wanted you to be aware if it comes up with clients.