What is a Process Server?

Process Servers are individuals who give legal notice to a party (usually the defendant) requiring them to respond to a proceeding scheduled to be held before a court, government body, or tribunal. Notice is usually provided by presenting the party in question with court documents such as Summonses, Statements of Claim, Plaintiff’s Claims, etc. Some documents must be served personally, while others may be served upon a person of legal age at the persons residence.

The services that we offer as a company include the following:

  • Service of Process: We serve your Summonses, Complaints, Writs, Subpoenas, and other documents.
  • Issuing and Filing at the Court: Our process servers attend local courthouses to issue documents in a new action or add to an existing file.
  • Litigation Searches: Our process servers attend the local courthouses and search court records for requested documents.

To apply to become a process server see below.

Recruiter/Human Resources:

We are currently hiring for this position and are in need of part-time, full-time and because of Covid-19, we even have work from home positions available as well. Please submit your resume by email below.

Legal Secretary:

We are hiring legal secretaries as well, at our head office in Hamilton, please send us you resume, see below.

We are always Hiring

Canadian Process Serving Inc. is currently hiring process servers across the country to serve court papers. This is a great part-time job best suited for anyone that is semi-retired or has a few hours a day of free time. Our ideal candidate is one that has a flexible schedule, even if you have another job with variable hours that could work for us. If you are working full-time 9-5 then this job is not for you. Payment is per job and includes a km allowance as well. PLEASE NOTE: existing process servers and/or process serving companies are NOT eligible for a direct hire by our company.  If you would like your company listed on our website we can consider this if you have a lengthy clean track record of providing exceptional services to the legal profession.

You MUST be able to pass a criminal record background check and send us a clearance certificate that you can order from your local police force. This is done at your cost. We are only looking for and interested in mature individuals with the highest ethics, morals and values. Please do not apply to us if you do not have these qualities. 

A contract is required to be signed.

E-mail a resume to us for review.

If you are viewing our website and see that we already have an agent or field office, please send us your resume anyways, as we are always looking for back-up to cover for those that are sick, on vacation, or are looking for back-up.

For more info, please submit a resume ,do not submit resumes to any individual office, if so they will be deleted.