Process Serving

Our main focus is on the service of documents, we can serve them at any of our listed locations you can find here on our website. https://www.canadianprocessserving.com/office-locations/

Issuing/filing/court research and copying

We also attend court to issue, file, copy and perform research as well. Many of the courts have implemented new procedures that you can do via on-line, however if that is not working for you we can still attend to any needs that you have in the courts.

Occupancy Checks

We can also provide occupancy checks on properties as well, just send us what exactly you are looking for, concerns, etc, and we will attend the property and give you a full report.

Skip Tracing

If you are trying to locate a person and are having trouble let us know we have a specialized division dedicated to this just let us know what you have and we will do our best to locate them for you. Unlike other skip tracers that work in office only we also do field work as well.

If you need something else done not listed just send us an e-mail to our head office and we will see if we can help you!

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