Our company has been heavily involved in philanthropy since its founding.

Its founder Chris Ecklund is known for his philanthropic activities across Canada as well.

What is not known to most is what we have been involved in as we have been very quiet about this.

However we will post some of the charitable aspects as they present themselves.


Launched an educational operation in Afghanistan.

Some supplies provided ( short list )

In celebration of the recalling of the schools in Afghanistan and ringing of the bell I am pleased to announce further funding today for the purchase of school supplies of:
1. 5 Carpets ( so the children do not have to sit on dirt or a cold damp and wet floor)
2. 5 whiteboards for teachers to use.
3. 200 Pashto notebooks
4. 30-zero English books
5. 870-English notebooks
6. 4 erasers for boards
7. 280 markers
8. 2 Marker Inks
9. 370 Pens
10. 30 Pashto literacy books
11. 50 Typography pens
12. 45 chairs
13. 270 pencils
14. 90 study books, and more……………



“Operation Blue Jay” continues with more arrivals of families from Afghanistan. This has now turned into a resettlement operation.


Launched “Operation Stand With Ukraine”

Mr. Ecklund’s ongoing efforts to help the people of Ukraine, ended up getting him sanctioned by President Putin.


February 20, 2021.

We are very proud to have made a $20,000.00 donation to fund a new book on fallen heroes of Norfolk County during WW2.


August 8, 2020

We could not be happier to provide a second donation to the Edenrock Fire Victims, today we had 4 bicycles delivered to some of the children, smiles all around we imagine!

Edenrock Children Get New Bicycles


Launched “Operation Blue Jay”   A mission to get those that helped us out of Afghanistan. One of the largest philanthropic initiatives our founder and company have ever been involved in. The work continues.