A message from our President Chris Ecklund:

First off yes we are open!

Make sure you read all of this! 

A State of Emergency was just declared today January 12, 2021 in Ontario. Our head office will remain open as we are an essential business however we are fully moving to virtual offices from staffs homes.

In order to make things safer for all our staff we have added a live chat window you can access in the bottom right hand side of our website. A live agent if on duty will be able to handle any questions that you may have.

We are back to just 1 staff member at a time in our head office in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Our website is a self serve website, pretty much all your questions can be handled here, if you have a service question, you can e-mail the office directly, or a question of a general nature see the contact us at the top of our website and send us an email, the email is answered Mon-Friday 9am to 5pm EST.

As of January 12, 2021 parts of our Country are currently moving into mandatory lock down areas, this is changing by the hour so make sure that you find out if the court is open if you want work done.

In Ontario for example unless you are an essential business you must close. This will obviously impact our ability to serve companies, so make sure you order a Corporation profile report as well. We can still check on them if needed however you will be charged regardless of the outcome. 

Read this post about this exact topic.

Any court issuing/filing that you may need you MUST contact the court ahead of time to make sure they are open, we can attend and there is not an alternative available to you. This is YOUR responsibility not ours.

Our head office is open but will still remain closed to the general public. As Hamilton is now in a mandatory lock down we will be making changes to our staffing schedule once again to keep our staff safe.

The courts are still closed in places and when they do open the counters back up, it will not be like it was. This is your responsibility to find out if the court is open, what hours and what documents they are currently accepting. Remember this is not our responsibility this is yours.

Remember the safety of our staff, our servers , the court staff and those that we are serving is what matters the most.

WE are ALL in this together, be patient and respectful as we all move ahead.

As we will have reduced in office staff, PLEASE email us or the office you need work done in, it will be faster than trying to get an answer by phone as we are trying to work virtually as much as possible.

Accessing this website and/or hiring us to use our services means you have read and agree to our customer code of conduct and terms of service.