The move to a virtual office for staff

Last year when the pandemic reared its ugly head, we started to make plans and investigate how we could work at home to keep all our staff safe. Some things we implemented immediately and swiftly, others required more thought.

Working from home was always a topic of conversation, and was looked at over the years but never as seriously as when the pandemic hit.

We immediately implemented the software and hardware needed so certain staff could perform their duties from home.

Being an essential business and a vital part of the justice system we have to stay open.

We are fortunate that we have a 3 story building, so staff can be well apart from each other at all times.

When cases started to rise with the second wave, we continued to implement new safety items and protocols to keep everyone safe.

Today was a historical milestone, as a staff member created our first billing account from the comforts of their home!

Last week we added further hardware and even as I write this we have our computer technicians in our office installing further software to allow staff to perform even new functions virtually.

The latest updates will keep our staff even safer, and will no doubt make office operations faster.

We have experienced a few hickups along the way and might have a few more, but that is to be expected when implementing such a major shift in how we all do business.

Stay safe everyone, remember we are all in this together!