How to serve a company during lockdown

I have been thinking if the title of this post should actually just be..” How to serve a company properly…”

There are other posts inside our website that cover this in great detail, but I think a refresher is in order especially with the lockdown.

Obviously with most companies being closed we will not be able to serve them.

You can answer this question yourself by calling them and seeing if they are open or not.

If they are not then you have a second option that seems lost to a lot of people.

You serve the owner/director at their home address.

But how do I find that information out you ask?

That is a whole can of worms question right there.

Lately and sadly we are seeing more of this that leads to the obvious question and answer of ” A Corporation Profile Report…”  or lack of one.

When you are starting litigation against a company that is the 1st thing you MUST do.

Each and every time.

It does not matter if you know or think you know the company, even if they advertise on TV, you MUST make sure that you get the company name correct.

If you make a mistake in the naming of the company you will then have to amend the claim, and start over again.

With the profile report it will have the directors and owners and the contact details which you should always send along with the papers to be served, this will greatly help our servers get your documents served.

And there you have it.