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Are you in need of Process Servers in Toronto, Ontario?

We also attend the Toronto court houses to attend to any issuing, or filing needs that you may have as well. We can also do research for you into court files, and order up documents from Cooksville storage that you may need pertaining to a file.

The Toronto office is managed by Bill Freedman who is one of our most senior servers having completed over 5000 files. Previously, Bill worked for over 25 years as a Special Constable, Provincial Offences Officer and Investigator throughout Ontario. Experienced and professional Bill stands ready to handle any of your needs in the Toronto area.

If you have a filing at The Ontario Court of Appeal we can take care of that as well.

Please note that we have several offices in the greater Toronto area if in doubt please use our search engine feature on our website. Documents may get issued by one office and then transferred to another office for service, this is done to keep your bills to a minimum and allow a local server in the area to effect service much quicker and efficiently for you. If you need any clarification please call our head office at any time.

If you are a lawyer from outside of Toronto and not used to the complexities which at times can be overwhelming in Toronto, not to worry we can help. Our biggest piece of advice we can give to anyone is to make sure your paperwork is as correct as possible before sending it to us. If the courts find problems with it, we will let you know so you can correct it and re-submit it.

Here are some tips and tricks when dealing with the Toronto Courts:

Toronto Civil court:

This post has been updated as of March 1, 2020. We will update this section as things change at the courthouse.

The court moved from 393 University Avenue to 330 University Avenue in mid January and the new location is an unmitigated disaster. It is 1/10th the size of the previous location and the time to complete any filing or file search has been multiplied exponentially.

To complete any filing, you must first line up for 15-60 minutes to get a number and then wait times to be served are 2-3 hours at best. On many days if you don’t have a number by around 10:30 a.m. you risk not getting served at all. The only way to guarantee service is to arrive before 7:30 a.m. and line up outside the building as they won’t allow people inside until opening. Any filing that requires the clerk to have the physical file is now further delayed. Previously we would order the file ahead of time so it would be available when we got to the counter. Now, the clerk orders it at time of service and then there is a further delay of 30-60 minutes for the file to be brought up from the basement.

The only current exception is for Motion materials which have a separate queue and usually can be completed within an hour. However, this is the 3rd change to the queuing system they have made in a month so there is no guarantee it will continue. Part of this problem is they were trying to direct more difficult/involved filings to more experienced clerks but staffing levels are low, several senior clerks have gone part-time or retired as they hate the new working environment.

File searches or copying is now also a much longer procedure. There are only 2 Public view terminals to look up files and they are always in use creating line-ups. While at the previous location you could order a physical file and have it within 10 minutes to view and copy it is now a 1-3 hour procedure if the file is stored in the basement of the new building or a 1-10 day wait depending on which off-site location the file is located. Files prior to 2016 will generally be the longer wait time.

While the process for orders and judgments hasn’t changed other than the extra wait time to file there has also been a notable increase in time for the signed originals to come back completed. What used to be 2-4 weeks is now 6-8 weeks and counting.

The new location is also very uncivilized for the people attending there. There are exactly 6 chairs in the cramped waiting area by the counters. At the old location there was seating for approximately 80 in addition to a cafeteria, variety store and more seating in the expansive lobby. The new building has none of this, in fact they just recently removed the 2 benches in the lobby. As mentioned, you are forced to wait outside regardless of weather in the morning before the court opens and you can find no assistance from the court office or building management in trying to improve conditions or procedures.

Affidavits of service must be originals with signature, no emails, copies etc. Service by fax must have transmission page attached, Service by email must have confirmation of receipt/acceptance email attached, Service by courier must have delivery confirmation attached. Same day filings are virtually impossible at this court now.

We will of course do our best as we have always have and will keep this section updated as things change.

Appeals and Divisional Courts:

Same as above for affidavits. There are various colour requirements and combinations for the front and back covers of documents being filed in these courts, clients should ensure they check the website for rules on what they need for their filings.

Appeals court:

Factums to be filed must be accompanied by an electronic copy on a data stick or (and this is preferred) they must email an electronic copy to the court ahead of time with the file number in the subject line.

Toronto Small Claims:

Any service on a lawyer or paralegal must be accepted in writing on a copy of the document and attached to the affidavit of service. Does not matter if they are lawyer of record anymore.

Please note that at times we can get a different clerk that may or may not follow the above and or refuse/take files that others might have so it can be a toss up at times as to what gets accepted and what does not.

Please note that the evening of Saturday July 4, 2020, College Park Court is NOT scheduled to resume full/part operations. We are not sure how this effects counter service, but will update this when we know.

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