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If you look in the bottom right hand corner of our website you will see a new tab for dark mode. This we added to make it easier on your eyes especially at night time or during the day. Just another choice to make your viewing more enjoyable!

Canada Day 2021

As I await the sun to rise, there is a light rain falling, and I can see the sun starting to slowly light the sky up in the distance. I poked my head outside and the Robins greeted me with their morning song. A racoon casually walks by as well, as I look out my… Continue reading Canada Day 2021

Yes we are hiring!

It may sound strange to some as most business’s are not, but yes we are in fact hiring!  Please visit our jobs page for the details! https://www.canadianprocessserving.com/jobs/ 

Donation to Norfolk Remembers

We are very proud to announce that we have sponsored and funded in full the printing of the next book for Norfolk Remembers. Our donation of $20,000.00 will make sure the memory and sacrifices of these heroes lost will never be forgotten. This book will cover those soldiers lost in WW2 from Norfolk County which… Continue reading Donation to Norfolk Remembers